Workman Design is a small residential design firm that has been quietly providing builders and homeowners in Northern Virginia with quality designs and construction drawings for the last twenty two years.

Our work is diverse.  We have done projects as small as a covered porch and as large as a five hundred home subdivision.  We can generate unique, site-driven custom designs.  We can adapt your ideas and make them work.   We understand demographics and can design speculative homes that sell.  We can blend flow and sunlight and wood framing along with mechanical systems and wind bracing and come up with something that looks good.

Our goal is to refine your thoughts and ideas and put them down on paper so that your personality shines through.  Designing a custom home is similar to painting a family portrait.


We strive to provide as professional a product as the big downtown firms without passing along the overhead costs.  We spend a lot of time on the job-site and know how buildings fit together efficiently.  We know construction costs and put the budget towards the top of our priority list.

Our goals are simple…to design a house that matches your unique tastes and needs…to generate a set of plans that are truly useful…and to do it all at about half our competitor’s prices.